About me and this website: As many of you probably don’t know, I built in 2008 (after so many problems and changes, still running) a tribute fansite for Yul Brynner, yes, I was beginning to code in HTML so its look wasn’t that great and smartphones weren’t that famous (or better said, I think smartphones didn’t even exist)… But why, what for? No, it wasn’t because of the Brothers Karamazov, but “honor thy Father…” is quite related to “The Ten Commandments”, and there’s “the why”: One of the first movies I saw in a Beta VCR, and in color, was “The Ten Commandments”. Because we only had an old B&W TV back in those days with a “remote control” that was as modern as the equipment of the Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, and was remote because it had this long wire that was plugged to the TV, and the only functions it had, was volume and turning on and off.

Anyway, I was like 5 or 6 years old, and I remember that when I saw Rameses, I was most impressed, although to tell you the truth, what really impressed me the most, was his hairdo, I was most intrigued on how did they do to shave all his head and leave just a lock, was it his own hair? was it glued?, but well, I was a kid, thinking like a kid, curious kid back then… But then, every Easter or Christmas, I used to watch “The Ten Commandments” when it was on TV… even if the movie ended up lasting 5 hours with the commercial ads… just to watch again that mysterious man, with the nice hair, and the weird name, because I was also intrigued about the name, Yul… is it his name? is it a nickname? where does it come from?

Anyway, I decided to name this website after two things: My favourite movie starring Yul Brynner, “The Magnificent Seven” and his trademark role, “The King and I”.

So, favourite movies starring Yul Brynner? Besides “The Ten Commandments”, is “The King and I” of course (even if musicals are not my cup of tea)… also “The Magnificent Seven” (which is my favourite favourite, as I said before) and any other Western movie with him, or some others like “Kings of the Sun”, and “The Journey”… Or some titles which have a special place in my mind and heart, such as “The Brothers Karamazov” because I happen to love Dostoievski (in case you didn’t notice it before), or “Taras Bulba” because thanks to it, and thanks to my dearest friend Marina, now I happen to love Nikolai Gogol too…

And why making this site for Yul? Well, just because… No, the reasons are partly my freaky story that I mentioned above, and the other one, and most important I think, is that I feel that nowadays, and I don’t know if you feel the same as me, but I feel that an actor like Yul Brynner needs to be remembered even more, and fortunately he hasn’t been forgotten… I don’t know if those are the right words, but I say this because actors like him are not made very often right in our days, and that’s why we have to remember them more often… Fortunately through all these years since I built that website, I have seen that some of his “most-wanted” films have been finally released on DVD and even in Blu-Ray, which is a big achievement, but speaking about my website, I will know that the goal was achieved if at least I can get more people interested in his career, if they are new to him and want to see a bit of more info, or for those who already know him, let them know that we don’t want him to be forgotten… Of course, and let Yul himself know that he’s not forgotten!

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