The Gypsies do not limit their soundings by their technique, rather they develop their technique to sound their depths. They do not sing, they complain melodiously. The voyage which is their life is no lonelier than ours; only more harmonious. If you will allow them to cross within your heart’s frontiers, they will do no harm within. For their lifelong road, like ours, is a bitter, only sometimes perhaps gay road, paved flat and smooth, into which their songs carve bas-reliefs in the silence. Silence.– Rock Brynner

Side One

1. THE LINE OF FATE: The diffused design of my palm’s line of fate brings your face as near to me as your letter. Silence the sickened heart for we must not meet again; your soul’s distortion, your cruel hand, ravaged our dreams.

2. THE END OF THE ROAD: A translation of the text is in the notes above. (This adaptation of a traditional Gypsy song was written, in words and music, by Ivan Dimitrievich, in 1920, and used in the motion picture “Anastasia” in which Yul Brynner starred with Ingrid Bergman).

3. DON’T BE ANGRY: Do not be angry or jealous; be drunk on caresses for as we drank that cup to the bottom, I fell again in love with you. My sins seek no pardon; but do not be angry, do not be jealous.

4. SOKOLOV’S GUITAR: Sokolov’s guitar at the yar still sounds in my ears; but do not go back, Aliosha. Save your money to have your own guitar, which you can play till dawn. For then the darkskinned faces still crowded about a mountainous feast, but now at the yar only memories fill the heart.

5. A HUNDRED MILES: I found no mate in in our hundred dark miles of travelling. Old woman, pray for me. Sublime woman, listen to the voices in the streets as they divide the wardrobes.

6. TWO GUITARS: The fields are dark tonight. My love has taught me torment and now I torture others. My soul is full of you as the night is full of moonlight; converse with me, my seven-stringed friend. There are two guitars behind the wall. Sweet memories rise of another; Aliosha, is it you?

Side Two

1. THE PACER: Let your troika horses control their own path. Why believe what people say. Do not listen to the insults of those who aren’t worth your boots.

2. FOR THE LAST TIME: In the last kiss, I engrave your light eyes’ smile on my memory. I am learning the first suffering of love as the light in my chest is extinguished by tears.

3. WHY GET MARRIED: Why love her; why marry her if she asks. Already I am wasting away in fever as her love for another chills me.

4. THE SHAWL: Little mother, find the sublimest shawl for my beloved. This gray soul does not know how to trot; the black-browed girl fills my soul.

5. TRAVELLING GYPSIES: The Gypsies stopped under an apple tree on the way to the fair. During all the drinking, a red-shirted young blade caroused. Where is he from. Today I can be drunk, for is the autumn, I must face the days “acquiring food”.

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