Please link back to my site!

I’ve noticed that there are websites that have been using most of my wallpapers for their pages, but at least if you are going to repost my artwork without my permission, be nice and be fair and link back to my site. The wallpapers have a small URL watermark on the corner but most people won’t even notice it or much less are going to type the URL by hand.

I hate to say this and insist about it but it’s because I’ve also noticed that there are websites that have been using most of my stuff for their pages (icons, colorized pictures, texts), some others have uploaded practically *all* my stuff to other fansites, and Facebook pages that have copied texts from here, texts that I have translated, or that I have transcripted from Yul’s LP, even with the same grammatical and /or ortographic errors. And most of them hasn’t even bothered to paste a link for the original source. Some suffering from amnesia when I have kindly asked to link to this page, claiming they don’t know or “remember” where did they take it from, because they were just making “a copy from a copy”. Some others have even dared to erase the URL watermark and upload my stuff to wallpapers websites as if it was their own creation. They have received a lot of visits, a lot of downloads and a lot of likes, while my site that has been here since 2008 gets nothing and gets sunken in the forgotten ocean of Google.

If you are going to just copy and paste something you found on the web, it won’t do any harm if you take a few extra seconds of your precious time to add a little credit for the original source too. If you don’t know where the original source might be, remember, Google is your friend. Also remember that people spent much of their precious time trying to put up something on the web. In my case: translating, transcripting from old LPs, photo editing, restoring, colorizing, extracting screencaps from movies, etc, etc, etc.

As it is easy just to copy and paste, it is easy as well to search on Google if you don’t know the original source. Even in the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine, you can find a version of this website from 2010.

And by the way, I am citing a quote I found on WikiHow on citing sources: “The purpose for citing is to let readers know that a specific piece of information you’re providing has a source, other than your own observation or reasoning…” And from Wikipedia: “You also help users find additional information on the subject; and you avoid plagiarising the source of your words or ideas by giving attribution…” In other words, be fair and give other people the chance to visit my site too!

Note: The wallpapers are for your personal use only. Not to upload them somewhere else in websites like FansShare, Fan Pop, Brothersoft, and a long list of wallpapers websites and/or automatized “fansites”, etc. without my permission. It’s not a matter of who’s taking the credit, it’s a matter of respect for the invested time and work of the author. Thank you.

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